The Addiction! is the brain child of celebrity Chef Johhny, a foodie's foodie - obsessed and possessed by one guiding principle: if you don't make it don't serve it. Here is a brief list of homemade items we serve..all the products of Chef Johnny's mad inventor mind:

  • BEER & WINE We have fantastic CRAFT BEERS to complement our sausage, burgers, and dogs as well as excellent wines to complement our Italian dishes!

  • ITALIAN & GERMAN SPECIALTIES Homemade Gnocchi and Pasta with authentic homemade Sauces (Arrabbiata, Carbonara, Bolognese, Pesto), Pork Belly, & Beef Cheek

  • BURGERS & FRIES We hand make our 1/2lb burgers as well as handcut our fries. We have fantastic Belgian, Sweet Potato, and Truffle Fries.

  • HOMEMADE HOT DOGS AND SAUSAGE Chef Johnny begins with the finest and leanest grades of beef, chicken, and pork, adds his secret spice mixtures, and prepares the finest dogs and sausage.

  • AWARD WINNING CHILI! A rotating list each week!

  • HOMEMADE CONDIMENTS . We use the finest ingredients and make all our condiments (sauerkraut, ketchup, mustard, pickles, relish, hot sauces, salsa, aiolis, and terrific salad dressings including one of the finest Caesar salads)

  • HOMEMADE ICE CREAMS & DESSERTS We make many different Ice Creams, a wide assortment of jaw dropping PIES and CHEESECAKES, as well as many other homemade dessert items...see our list below!

All our creations are made with the freshest ingredients and Johnny's rare culinary imagination and talent. The end result is a meal that will have you repeating a common refrain here, 'Oh My GOD, this is the best food I've ever tasted!'